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Rabbit Antibodies

Custom Antibody Production - Rabbit Antisera

Protein as antigen
Antisera from rabbits
A053: 1 rabbit - A054: 2 rabbits
  • 63-day immunization protocol
  • Test serum and ELISA Titer test
  • Production serum (40 - 90 ml)
  • Preimmune & Protocol with each order
Fast Rabbit Antibodies
SuperFast Antiserum
A055: SuperFast
  • Modified immunization protocol to gain high titers within 28 days
  • Comparable titers with 63-days
  • Better results with some antigens, slightly reduced binding strength with others
Information of polyclonal antibodies
General Information
  • Preimmune with each order
  • We perform an ELISA titer test
  • You can receive a test bleed after 3rd immunization (63-day protocol)
  • Each rabbit: 40 - 90 ml final serum
  • Purification is available for all antisera products
Phosphopeptide Antibodies
Phospho Antibodies
A060: 1 rabbit - A061: 2 rabbits
  • Synthesis of Phospho- and non-Phospho-Peptide
  • Rabbit immunized with Pi-Peptide
  • Affinity purification
  • Depletion with non-Pi-Peptide
Low Amount Of Antigen
Low Dose Antigen
A056: Few antigen
  • Special immunization technique with low antigen amounts of less than 0.2 mg
  • The service begins with 50 µg antigen

Antigens for your polyclonal antibodies from rabbits

Antigen Amount Instructions Shipping
Protein0.2 - 0.6 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
Customer Provided Proteins or Expressed by Davids-20°C (ice packs) to -80°C (dry-ice) or lyophilized
Protein (SDS-Gel)0.2 - 0.6 mg
(3 - 8 gel bands)
Cut the gel bands from your protein out of the gel. Use Coomassie R250 stainingWithout addition of solutants at room temperature
Peptides1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
We can synthesize and conjugate your peptides or use your onesLyophilized or with ice packs
DNA1 - 2 mg
0.3 - 2 mg/ml
At room temperature or with ice packs
Cells106 cfu / immunizationCell immunization kit to prepare for immunizationsPlease contact us when you want to send cells
For Affinity Purification we need additional >0.5 mg protein, 3 mg peptide or 108 cfu

Purification of your antibodies from rabbit sera

Affinity Purification
Affinity Purification
R007: 1 Purification - R007-2: 2 Purifications
  • Preparation of the raw sera
  • Creation of an affinity matrix with the antigen
  • Binding of specific antibodies to the affinity matrix
  • Washing of unspecific antibodies
  • Elution of monospecific antibodies
  • Determination of protein concentration
Affinity Purification
Antibody Purification
R008: ProteinA - Other methods
  • ProteinA: Purification of all IgG
  • Ion-Exchange-Chromatography
  • Size-Exclusion-Chromatography to get rid of polymers
  • Purification for use in cell cultures
Antibody Depletion
R101: tag - R102: E. coli
  • Depletion removes unwanted antibodies
  • anti-tag antibodies or antibodies that recognize E. coli proteins
  • Leads to less background in many assays

Modifications of your antibodies from rabbit sera

Antibody modifications
P801: FITC
  • Fragmentation
  • Conjugation to fluorescent dyes and biotin
  • Conjugation to enzymes

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